Spring ​3on3 2020

I'm excited to open up registration for our third year of Spring 3on3 Action! I feel very strongly that 3on3 is the best development tool in the spring season because it maximizes puck touches, demands explosive open ice skating as well as small space cutting and most importantly, I feel like our 3on3 program encourages kids to make plays they don't get to try during the club season. Just like overtime in the NHL, 3on3 is an action packed reconstruction of the game of hockey and it allows players the chance to bolster their confidence while still enhancing their core hockey skill development. 
This season we look forward to running four different age groups that will take to the ice for 20 sessions beginning  in mid April and ending May 31st (primary rinks Confederation, Terwillegar and Kinsmen).  Of the 20 ice times; 12 are straight one hour games while the other eight sessions run 1.25 hours, combining 30-40 minutes of skills development with 30-40 minutes of 3on3. For our last ice times on May 31st we will have a skills challenge as seen in the NHL All Star Game.  The kids will be timed for fastest skater, clocked for hardest shooter, target shooting accuracy, timed for mini net passing accuracy, and timed in the puckhandling agility skate.
Teams are limited to 11 skaters per team (3 goalies per age group).  In the event that we have a full roster of kids I will run the ice 4on4 and each ice time I will impose mandatory changes (line changes on the whistle) if the kids are stretching their shifts too long. As well, I referee the games (penalty shots on penalties) and encourage the kids to move the puck, move their feet, and keep the game flowing.
Player of the game mini sticks, hats, and t-shirts will be awarded at the end of each game and the ice times will end with shootouts as a fun way to wrap the sessions.
The age groups are organized based on skill level, age, friend requests, and sibling requests. For development, kids get the most out of competing against kids of equal ability however it's obviously most important that they are with their buddies and having fun.  If you have a group of kids that would like to play as a team please feel free to make those friend requests on the registration form.
With all of the spring activities running in May I am also totally flexible on make up sessions.  If your skater has to miss a session, there are other groups and times that you can make up the missed skate.
The cost of the Spring 3on3 program is $450 plus GST ($472.50) for players. Goalie registration is $240 plus GST ($252) which covers the cost of the 8 skills sessions with an instructor provided by Ian Gordon Goaltending.
I believe 3on3 is a great development program that gives the kids a lot of opportunity to handle the puck in space and that it forces them to skate and to constantly stay involved in the play.  Supplement the games with the skill development drills we offer and I'm confident the kids come away from the program having had a great experience, with more confidence and stronger skills.
If you are interested in registering for the program or have any questions please email me.  Look forward to hearing from you!

Click here to download the 2020 registration form.

Schedules (Current schedule is tentative and subject to change)

** Denotes Skills Sessions (Half Skills/Half 3on3 Game)

Novice (2012/2013)

  1. KMB Thu 9 April 04:00:PM to 05:00:PM
  2. CWB Sat 11 April 02:45:PM to 03:45:PM
  3. CFD Sun 12 April 02:45:PM to 04:00:PM **
  4. CFD Sat 18 April 01:30:PM to 02:30:PM
  5. CFD Sun 19 April 05:00:PM to 06:15:PM **
  6. TCC Mon 20 April 04:30:PM to 05:30:PM
  7. TCA Fri 24 April 04:00:PM to 05:00:PM
  8. TCB Sat 25 April 05:30:PM to 06:30:PM
  9. TCC Fri 1 May 05:15:PM to 06:15:PM
  10. TCA Sat 2 May 04:00:PM to 05:00:PM
  11. TCC Sun 3 May 02:45:PM to 04:00:PM **
  12. TCA Sat 9 May 05:45:PM to 06:45:PM
  13. TCC Sun 10 May 03:45:PM to 05:00:PM **
  14. KMB Sat 16 May 10:00:AM to 11:00:AM
  15. TCD Sun 17 May 02:15:PM to 03:30:PM **
  16. KMA Fri 22 May 04:15:PM to 05:15:PM
  17. KMB Sat 23 May 12:15:PM to 01:30:PM **
  18. TCD Sun 24 May 02:30:PM to 03:45:PM **
  19. KMA Sat 30 May 01:30:PM to 02:30:PM
  20. CWB Sun 31 May 02:45:PM to 04:00:PM ***** Skills Challenge

 Atom (2010/2011)

  1. CWB Sat 11 April 04:00:PM to 05:00:PM
  2. CFD Sun 12 April 04:15:PM to 05:30:PM **
  3. TCD Fri 17 April 05:45:PM to 06:45:PM
  4. CFD Sat 18 April 02:45:PM to 03:45:PM
  5. CFD Sun 19 April 06:30:PM to 07:45:PM **
  6. TCC Mon 20 April 04:00:PM to 05:00:PM
  7. TCC Tue 21 April 04:00:PM to 05:00:PM
  8. TCC Thu 23 April 04:15:PM to 05:30:PM **
  9. TCA Fri 24 April 05:15:PM to 06:15:PM
  10. TCB Sat 25 April 06:45:PM to 07:45:PM
  11. CFD Sun 26 April 04:00:PM to 05:15:PM **
  12. TCC Mon 27 April 04:00:PM to 05:00:PM
  13. TCC Thu 30 April 04:00:PM to 05:00:PM
  14. TCC Fri 1 May 06:30:PM to 07:30:PM
  15. TCA Sat 2 May 05:15:PM to 06:15:PM
  16. TCC Sun 3 May 04:15:PM to 05:30:PM **
  17. TCC Mon 4 May 04:00:PM to 05:00:PM
  18. TCD Fri 8 May 04:15:PM to 05:30:PM **
  19. TCA Sat 9 May 07:00:PM to 08:00:PM
  20. TCC Sun 10 May 05:15:PM to 06:30:PM **
  21. TMW Fri 15 May 05:45:PM to 07:00:PM **
  22. KMB Sat 16 May 04:30:PM to 05:30:PM
  23. TCD Sun 17 May 03:45:PM to 05:00:PM **
  24. TCC Thu 21 May 04:00:PM to 05:00:PM
  25. KMB Fri 22 May 06:15:PM to 07:30:PM **
  26. KMB Sat 23 May 04:15:PM to 05:15:PM
  27. TCD Sun 24 May 04:00:PM to 05:15:PM **
  28. CWA Fri 29 May 05:15:PM to 06:15:PM
  29. KMA Sat 30 May 02:45:PM to 03:45:PM
  30. CWB Sun 31 May 04:15:PM to 05:30:PM ****** Skills Challenge

Pee Wee (2008/2009)

  1. CWB Sat 11 April 05:15:PM to 06:15:PM
  2. CFD Sun 12 April 05:45:PM to 07:00:PM **
  3. TCD Fri 17 April 07:00:PM to 08:00:PM
  4. CFD Sat 18 April 04:00:PM to 05:00:PM
  5. CFD Sun 19 April 08:00:PM to 09:15:PM **
  6. CFD Mon 20 April 08:00:PM to 09:00:PM
  7. TCA Fri 24 April 06:30:PM to 07:30:PM
  8. KMA Sat 25 April 07:15:PM to 08:30:PM **
  9. CFD Sun 26 April 05:30:PM to 06:45:PM **
  10. TCC Tue 28 April 08:00:PM to 09:15:PM **
  11. TCC Fri 1 May 07:45:PM to 08:45:PM
  12. TCA Sat 2 May 06:30:PM to 07:30:PM
  13. TCC Sun 3 May 05:45:PM to 07:00:PM **
  14. KMB Mon 4 May 06:30:PM to 07:30:PM
  15. TCD Wed 6 May 04:15:PM to 05:15:PM
  16. TCC Sat 9 May 04:15:PM to 05:15:PM
  17. TCC Sun 10 May 06:45:PM to 08:00:PM **
  18. TCC Fri 15 May 07:45:PM to 09:00:PM **
  19. KMB Sat 16 May 05:45:PM to 06:45:PM
  20. TCD Sun 17 May 05:15:PM to 06:30:PM **
  21. TCC Mon 18 May 04:15:PM to 05:30:PM **
  22. KMB Tue 19 May 04:15:PM to 05:15:PM
  23. TCC Thu 21 May 05:15:PM to 06:15:PM
  24. TCD Fri 22 May 04:15:PM to 05:15:PM
  25. KMB Sat 23 May 05:30:PM to 06:30:PM
  26. TCD Sun 24 May 05:30:PM to 06:45:PM **
  27. KMB Mon 25 May 04:30:PM to 05:30:PM
  28. CWA Fri 29 May 06:30:PM to 07:30:PM
  29. KMA Sat 30 May 04:00:PM to 05:00:PM
  30. CWB Sun 31 May 05:45:PM to 07:00:PM ***** Skills Challenge

 Bantam (2006/2007)

  1. CWB Sat 11 April 06:30:PM to 07:30:PM
  2. CFD Sun 12 April 07:15:PM to 08:30:PM **
  3. TCD Fri 17 April 08:15:PM to 09:15:PM
  4. CFD Sat 18 April 05:15:PM to 06:15:PM
  5. TCA Fri 24 April 07:45:PM to 08:45:PM
  6. TCB Sat 25 April 08:00:PM to 09:00:PM
  7. CFD Sun 26 April 07:00:PM to 08:15:PM **
  8. TCC Fri 1 May 09:00:PM to 10:00:PM
  9. TCA Sat 2 May 07:45:PM to 08:45:PM
  10. TCC Sun 3 May 07:15:PM to 08:30:PM **
  11. TCA Sat 9 May 08:15:PM to 09:15:PM
  12. TCC Sun 10 May 08:15:PM to 09:30:PM **
  13. TMW Fri 15 May 07:15:PM to 08:30:PM **
  14. KMB Sat 16 May 07:00:PM to 08:00:PM
  15. TCD Sun 17 May 06:45:PM to 08:00:PM **
  16. KMB Sat 23 May 06:45:PM to 07:45:PM
  17. TCD Sun 24 May 07:00:PM to 08:15:PM **
  18. CWA Fri 29 May 07:45:PM to 08:45:PM
  19. KMA Sat 30 May 05:15:PM to 06:15:PM
  20. CWB Sun 31 May 07:15:PM to 08:30:PM ***** Skills Challenge
Arena Codes:
CFD Confederation Arena
CWA/CWB Callingwood Arena A and B
KMA/KMB Kinsmen Arena A and B
TCA/TCB/TCC/TCD Terwillegar Arenas A, B, C, and D
TMW The Meadows West